Funny Instagram Captions

Funny Instagram Captions

Find Best Funny Instagram Captions: Social media users know the importance of captions. Instagram is a popular photo sharing, video sharing and social network service. And it will not be wrong to say that captions simple double the fun of using social networks like Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr etc. Most of the people around us think that they are unable to create good captions or quotes. But the truth is you don’t have to extra ordinary intelligent to create a good caption or quote.

It is all about practice. So keep practicing and the time will come when you will be able to create captions without any problem. Sometimes you run out of ideas because you are posting a lot of posts. In such cases it is not unusual to run out of ideas. In this article you will get some idea about what captions and quotes exactly are. A list of captions and quotes given below is created for users like you. In this list you will find a number of generic captions. The purpose of creating the list is to help you save your time and energy you put to create your own caption or quote.

Social media services like Instagram are all about pictures. It is rightly said that a picture’s worth a thousand words. At the same time it is also true that captions and quotes boost popularity of your post. You might have experienced this for yourself when you post an interesting caption. We all have at least one friend in our social circle who is famous for his funny and creative Instagram captions. We wait for their posts and their posts get a lot of likes and comments. So this is the importance of captions and quotes on social media services. Your captions tell a lot about your personality. Most of the people think that only cool people can create funny captions, which is not true. You can use captions from the list given below to get lots of likes and comments.


You can also share this list of captions with your friends. We keep updating this list of captions so don’t forget to come back.

How They Do It

As stated above it is wrong to think that only cool people can create funny Instagram captions. We will give you some ideas that you will find very helpful in creating funny Instagram captions. These ideas and guidelines will help you come up with your own captions and quotes. You may find it difficult in the beginning but with the passage of time you will start reaping the benefits of your efforts.

  • When you are surrounded by creative people, you start thinking and behaving like them. Doing what your friends are doing is quite natural. Perhaps this is the reason it is often said that you are what your friends are. Social media services have eliminated the distances and now you can be friends with any person in any part of the world. Now you are just couple of clicks away from being friends with famous people, celebrities, comedians, singers etc. So think about the famous people and celebrities who you think can help you become what you want to be. You can write down their names while thinking.
  • It is always good idea to start with more than one caption. It is because the first idea is not always the one would work. You should know that if a caption or meme go viral, there must be something special about it because otherwise it would not have been received well. There are also many ideas that are created only to be thrown in garbage dustbin. So we never know the future of your idea. But don’t be disappointed, if your idea is not going viral. You better keep trying because sooner or later you will get the desired results. Remember only big ideas make it to the big stage so it is possible that your idea is good and big but not big enough to get the attention of people.
  • Take a good look at the photo and it will give you some idea of caption. Make sure that your caption is relevant to what is in photo.
  • There is another way to do the job. First create a quote or caption then start looking for a photo that would go with the quote.
  • It is all about practice. The more you practice, the higher the chances of coming up with interesting captions and quotes. So keep practicing.
Cute Captions
Cute Captions

Funny/Cool/Cute/Song lyrics Instagram Captions

We have compiled a list of funny captions, cool captions, cute captions and song lyrics instagram captions. Captions you find here are the best captions. You can use these captions to save your precious time. The captions given below can be used on a number of occasions.

Let’s find out.

Song Lyrics Captions

  • Let’s go to home
  • Love me like you do
  • Know that I kept it sexy and know I kept it fun
  • un dos tres
  • You only see what your eyes want to see
  • Stars in her eyes
  • It’s a prison inside my mind
  • Hello is it me you’re looking’ for
  • I am not broken, I’m not crying
  • Can anybody find me somebody to love
Cool Captions
Cool Captions

Funny Instagram Captions

  • Buying a DSLR doesn’t make you a photographer
  • Don’t I deserve a Cookie
  • I want to rediscover America
  • I love to sleep because it is like a time machine to breakfast
  • I am innocent. Friday is the only F word I like.
  • Real men don’t eat Kangaroo
  • Girls are not cool but their
  • Did I just see an angel

Cool Instagram Captions

  • Some relations are like Tom and Jerry. They do everything to each other but cannot live without each other.
  • God created me and said go and have fun
  • I think our school library is possessed
  • I am devil’s favorite child
  • Once a palmist told me that I would find a sweet girl like you.
  • I deserve something better than this
  • There is a battle going on in my head.
  • Life teaches you things books can’t

Cute Instagram Captions

  • I better be alone than with someone who doesn’t care
  • Don’t wait for the opportunity….Go ahead and take it.
  • Nobody gives you a chance, so you have to stand on your own two feet.
  • A bad beginning does not necessarily make a bad ending.
  • Failure is the first step to success.
  • My enemies don’t deserve my enmity.
  • That’s When You Know It’s Over
  • Work until your idols become your rivals
Funny Captions
Funny Captions


Lengthy and descriptive Instagram Captions because of its popularity in customers as well as people around the globe. So if you want to get more leads from Instagram, you must focus on good and long captions. Just make sure they are adequately written and appropriate for your Picture. You can tell story behind that picture, how did you managed to click it, tag people and use top hundreds of best funny captions given above!